Daily Wine News: England’s Wine Future

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 06-26-2020

In Club Oenologique, Oz Clarke says British bubbly rivaling Champagne is now a given, and looks ahead to what English producers should be setting their sights on. “In 20 years, many more of the Champagne houses will have fully-blown operations over here. By then, I think we’ll have a considerable reputation for still wines too. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of [still] Côteaux Champenois I’ve enjoyed. And they can’t carbonate, or make charmat-method wines in Champagne – whereas we can do whatever we want. And we should.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Liana Aghajanian highlights Detroit Vineyards, the urban winery that combines wine and community activism.

Elsewhere in Wine Enthusiast, Emily Saladino reflects on Black Lives Matter, the Court of Master Sommeliers and the wine industry’s divide.

The Economist offers a different take: Why Covid-19 is good for Bordeaux wines.

In Food & Wine, Margaret Eby explores the benefits of pouch wine—especially during a summer quarantine.

On the blog for Tablas Creek, Jason Haas explains why calcareous soils matter for vineyards and wine grapes.

The Wall Street Journal reports on how U.S. wine importers are preparing for higher tariffs.

The Prosecco Consortium in Italy has blocked a French wine company from trademarking the name ‘Nosecco’ for its non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternative, reports the Drinks Business.

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