Daily Wine News: “Millenniums” and Napa

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 05-14-2020

In Wine Enthusiast, Virginie Boone responds to the NYTimes profile of Andy Beckstoffer, wherein he expresses his confusion as to why “millenniums” aren’t flocking to Napa wines like their parents once did. “After all, 75% of millennials surveyed in 2019 said they would spend more money on wine if they had it, according to Business Insider. Perhaps the problem is less about taste and more about access.”

Elsewhere in Wine Enthusiast, Lauren Mowery reports on how winegrowers are turning to adaptive farming and support groups in the face of global crises.

Jamie Goode on why wine struggles to speak to “normal people”—and what can be done to better communication with consumers. “What we do in the wine business is unusual: we talk about our perceptions. A lot of wine education revolves around learning a coded lexicon to describe the sensory experience of wine… Normal people find writing about the flavour of wine absurd. They find talking about the taste of wine alienating. They don’t want to read a wine book (some, who have decided they are actually quite interested might, though); they don’t want to visit a wine website; they don’t want to be educated.”

In Terroir Review, Meg Maker explores Vermont cider—in a video about Vermont’s cider terroir, and a Q&A with Fable Farm’s Jon Piana.

In Wine-Searcher, Margaret Rand ponders the pros and cons of chalk in the vineyard.

In Forbes, Jill Barth looks at how social distancing has made Sonoma a quieter, wildlife-friendly place.

In Vinous, Eric Guido explores the wine gems of Campania.

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