Daily Wine News: Staying at Home

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 04-06-2020

Eric Asimov highlights 15 wines under $15 for stay-at-home drinking in the New York Times. “While these are financially difficult times for many people, the desire for wine and spirits remains strong. People want to drink away the coronavirus blues, at least that’s part of it. But people are also finding comfort in good food, an intriguing bottle of wine, a new cocktail. That’s part of it, too.”

Don Kavanagh explores how COVID-19 could change wine as we know it in Wine-Searcher. “If these businesses don’t make it through the pandemic, it will have a massive effect on how we buy wine. We will live in an altered wine ecosystem, where large corporates – with more of an eye on the input costs than winemaking excellence – will decide what you buy, where you buy it and how much you will pay for it. It will be like beer before the craft revolution; an utter disaster, a wasteland of mediocrity and homogeneity, both of which are anathema to wine.”

In Eater, Jordan Michelman reports on how coronavirus is hurting independent winemakers.

In Wine Enthusiast, Matt Kettmann explores the Sauvignon Blanc from California’s Central Coast. “From the tips of the Santa Cruz Mountains to the deep canyons of Santa Barbara County, there’s a Sauvignon Blanc renaissance underway. Producers are elevating the grape in a variety of styles, from brisk, grassy versions that recall France’s Loire Valley to richer, sometimes Sémillon-spiked wines reminiscent of white Bordeaux.”

Simon J. Woolf asks: Does natural wine need official regulation?

Yes, online wine sales have surged, but the Washington Post’s Dave McIntyre says you should still be supporting your local wineries and shops if possible.

In the U.K., some opinion writers have called for a ban on alcohol sales due to the potential for alcohol abuse during self-isolation. On the blog for First Vine, Tom Natan responds.

On WineBusiness.com, Kerana Todorov highlights the work of a company based in Dallas that is about to introduce virtual labels for wine bottles.

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