Daily Wine News: The Gaillac Tradition

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 02-27-2020

Vineyards in Gaillac. (Wikimedia)

In PUNCH, Jon Bonné explores the modern wines of Gaillac. “It is one corner of France that can satisfy nearly every hipster quotient in wine right now. Unusual grapes? Check. It has a bevy of varieties of which it can claim ownership, and which make its wines unlike any others…In other words, today’s wine avant-garde, which sometimes is accused of being mere fad, has been deeply woven into Gaillac’s fiber for centuries. It is the embodiment of French wine’s past serving as the basis for its future—carried not by vague nostalgia but by legitimate tradition.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Marissa A. Ross explains her path to activism in the wine world. “I don’t believe it’s worth having a platform if you don’t use it, and I’m using mine to talk about sexual assault, mental health, equal rights and intersectionality as often as I can because they don’t just affect the wine industry—they affect every industry, every human, every day.”

In Meininger’s, Michèle Shah takes a look at the growing Lithuanian wine market.

Alfonso Cevola considers how the coronavirus could affect Italian wine and upcoming tastings.

In VinePair, Christine Clark offers some pairing suggestions for winter rosés.

In Vinous, Ian D’Agata offers notes on latest releases from Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia and Sardinia.

In Forbes, Jim Dobson offers a look inside Vladimir Putin’s underground wine cellar in Moldova.

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