Daily Wine News: Fun & Funky

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(Flickr: Chris Pople)

In Food & Wine, Markham Heid explores the growing obsession with “funky” wine. “While some still use “funky” to describe a wine that has obvious or unpleasant flaws, many now employ it as a synonym for “unconventional,” or as a sort of catch-all adjective for those hard-to-pin-down qualities that make natural wines unique and appealing. For fans of these wines, the right type of funk is an indicator of authenticity and low-intervention bona fides—like the erratic bulges on an heirloom tomato, or the pits and discolorations on an organic, orchard-picked apple.”

How much terroir expression do you really want in your wine? On Tim Atkin’s site, Margaret Rand ponders the answer. “Fashion changes, winemaking changes, everything evolves. The flavours that certain terroirs gave us 20 years ago, 50 years ago, may be different from the flavours those terroirs give us now. Winemakers say that certain vineyards give a flavour of herbs, or honey, or whatever. With a different climate (which is part of terroir) those signature flavours can change, too.”

Wildfires may have spared many Australian winemakers, but smoke contamination is a growing problem for them, report Mike Cherney and Jon Emont in the Wall Street Journal.

In Wine Enthusiast, Virginie Boone looks at the success of Sonoma County’s sustainability efforts. “Ultimately, sustainability in this industry involves land, people and business in harmony. Thanks to the help of a few inspirational advocates with an understanding of each, Sonoma was able to reach 99% of its goal in 2019.”

How can wine companies reach Millennials and Gen Z—dubbed “wine’s lost generations”—to get them to drink more wine? Don Kavanagh explores what can be done in Wine-Searcher.

In VinePair, Gabrielle Pharms highlights drink brands that are giving back through charitable and sustainability-focused initiatives.

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