Daily Wine News: A Sparkling Revolution

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 02-11-2020

In PUNCH, Zachary Sussman considers how the sparkling wine category has evolved in recent years. “Considering this diversity, one wonders if it’s still possible to consider “sparkling wine” a unified category in the way it once was. Just as it would be silly to generalize about “red wine” as a single entity, rather than a continuum that runs the gamut from fresh carbonically macerated Beaujolais to lean, structured Barolo and everything in between, the world of sparkling wine no longer fits into one uniform bubble (sorry, couldn’t resist).”

In SevenFifty Daily, Katherine Cole looks at the role sparkling wine has played in world wars.

In Wine-Searcher, Vicki Denig looks at how a new generation of wine professionals are pursing a more balanced industry life.

In Grape Collective, Lisa Denning explore the wine community in Paso Robles. “Today there are 40,000 vineyard acres in Paso Robles and 200+ wineries, up from just 50 twenty years ago. While the perfect viticultural conditions have provided the base for Paso’s tremendous growth, it is the relaxed vibe and strong social fabric of the community that has turned the area into a magnet for those looking to be a part of a dynamic and growing wine scene.”

What’s the future of AI wine writing? Jeff Siegel takes a closer look.

Tom Mullen explores the volcanic wines of France in Forbes.

Elsewhere in Forbes, Maris D’Vari breaks down what the Master of Wine program entails.

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