Daily Wine News: Reactions to Issues

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-08-2020

“Many things are smaller in France: cars, portion sizes during brunch, the workweek. But nothing raises the ire of anglophone wine writers like small wine glasses – the simple ones, of modest volume, which are iconic to the French bistro.” In Meininger’s, Aaron Ayscough defends the French wine glass.

Christy Frank breaks down the issues and details related to the proposed tariffs, and how to get your comments to the government.

Alder Yarrow also encourages you to speak up. “Whether you’re a consumer concerned for the health of the wine, food, and hospitality industry, or a business owner who will be affected, you should take the five or ten minutes required to thoughtfully compose a personal message in opposition of these tariffs.”

France’s first dry January campaign is underway, reports Chris Mercer in Decanter, despite reported opposition from president Macron and criticism of its ‘puritan Anglo-Saxon’ roots by several leading figures in French society.

On GuildSomm, Bryce Wiatrak explores the past and future of indigenous grapes. “…we are privileged to live in a time with unprecedented admission to the world’s diversity of wine. Restaurant lists are more daring, wine regions more dedicated to commercializing their autochthonous varieties, and science more capable than ever of identifying grapes thought lost to history.”

Simon J Woolf explains why he’s doing #MyJanuary instead of #DryJanuary.

Mike Veseth, the wine economist, also chimes in about the Dry January phenomenon.

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