Daily Wine News: Hello, 2020

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-02-2020

In Decanter, Andrew Jefford reflects on where the wine world is headed. “Conceptual trouble, first of all, in assuming that ‘the wine world’ is somehow separate from other worlds as a happy little pleasure bubble of its own. Perhaps this was once true in the politically dull, climatically quiet times in which the older readers (and writers) of this magazine grew up. That’s finished.”

Elsewhere in Decanter, Chris Mercer predicts trends and issues that will affect the wine market in 2020.

“Wine is under attack. The biggest threat to the wine business today is an increase in tariffs on imported wines,” says Marvin R. Shanken in Wine Spectator. “Everyone in the wine business, and anyone who loves wine, should take the time to comment.”

“If ever you’ve worked in wine or restaurants, or just enjoyed a bottle of French wine or Italian olive oil or Scotch whisky (or French makeup or china or handbags—the list is extensive) now is the time to speak up,” writes Jon Bonné. “This is a trade fight being waged badly, and asymmetrically, and we Americans will be the ones punished.”

In Wine-Searcher, Vicki Denig explores salinity in wine. “Do saline perceptions in wine exist due to its literal presence within the glass? And if so, where does it come from? Winemakers, enologists, and scientists across the globe have a few ideas.”

Elsewhere in Wine-Searcher, Don Kavanagh looks back on a turbulent 2019 in the wine world.

The premium kosher wine industry is exploding. In California, that began with Hagafen Cellars. Sarah Klearman has the story in the Napa Valley Register.

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