Daily Wine News: Talk About Tariffs

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(Flickr: husbandunit)

(Flickr: husbandunit)

“US trade officials said they were considering imposing import tariffs of “up to 100%” on certain French products, with a provisional list including “sparkling wine made from grapes” and many types of cheese, from Roquefort to Gruyère,” reports Decanter.

US wine retailers have maintained their optimism in the face of the tariffs on wine, finds Jeff Siegel in Meininger’s. “Six weeks into the 25 percent European wine tariffs, there’s a sense in the US that importers will take only the most necessary price hikes, and that those hikes will take place between now and the end of January. Otherwise, they will wait and hope for the best.”

W. Blake Gray explores the appeal of Dry Farm Wines, the wine club that’s the largest buyer of natural wines in the world. “These are not just natural wines. The company has a very specific aesthetic: low alcohol (12.5% or less), clean wines (despite minimal sulfur) and no residual sugar. The special feature is that it lab tests all of its wines, so they are what they claim to be. I’m a rather well-known skeptic, but I believe in Dry Farm Wines.”

In Grape Collective, Andrew Chalk offers tips for visiting English wineries.

On JancisRobinson.com, Tamlyn Currin reviews Wines of the French Alps by Wink Lorch. (subscription req.)

Stephen Tanzer offers his notes on the new releases from Washington State in Vinous.

In Bon Appétit, Liz Riggs explains how drinking wine helped her make peace with her 30s. “If my twenties were about spinning my wheels until I couldn’t anymore; running around trying to find myself in the mess, my thirties are about settling into what I’ve found. What I get at the wine shop is a reminder of the life I’ve built, the life I like.”

In VinePair, Kelly Magyarics talks to Champagne concierge Lise Legrand about her elite access, how anyone can — and should — enjoy a glass with anything from the low-brow to the luxe, and tips for those visiting the Champagne region.

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