Daily Wine News: Natural Wine Bar Boom

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 11-07-2019

Jean_2_natural_wineIn PUNCH, Leslie Pariseau considers the growth of natural wine bars across the country. “In short order, the natural wine bar has been dreamed up in some incarnation in nearly every major city in America. And while some declare their mission more loudly than others, the question of what exactly a natural wine bar is—and should be—remains open to interpretation. No longer influenced solely by French caves à vins, these places are a product of the evolution of the American wine bar itself, cycling from a restaurant with a renegade ethos into a more self-aware iteration with a mandate.”

“For winemakers in California, a new reality is sinking in. It is the second October in three years in which fires have raged across Sonoma… Wine insiders say disaster planning for employees should also be a greater priority. That’s a logistical challenge for most, as wineries are often small businesses with limited technology to deploy for rapid response communication that’s needed in an emergency. There should also be a greater effort to corral local farmers that have water trucks to deploy those resources to help put out fires.” In Fortune, John Kell looks at how the wine industry is reckoning with the impending effects of California wildfires.

In Decanter, Jancis Robinson and Hugh Johnson talk about the most memorable wines they have tasted.

As trade war clouds gather, France’s winemakers are looking to revive their connection with China, reports Jim Boyce in Wine-Searcher.

In Wine Enthusiast, Kelsey Ogletree offers tips for becoming a sommelier. “Whether you want to make the leap to professional wine taster or just expand your knowledge, many of the same tricks and tips that pros use can help you on your journey, and not all involve expensive wine classes.”

On Guild Somm, Vicky Burt MW shares some advice for WSET students.

In Forbes, Brianne Garrett explores how black women in wine—and their allies—are banding together to achieve better representation.

Also in Forbes, Sandra MacGregor says Switzerland is the next hot wine destination to visit.

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