Daily Wine News: Reputations Rising

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Vineyards in Bolivia. (Source: Wines of Bolivia)

Vineyards in Bolivia. (Source: Wines of Bolivia)

John Otis looks at Bolivia’s rising wine scene in NPR. “Bolivia’s wine industry is based in the southern city of Tarija, near the southern border with Argentina. This region has long produced small amounts of artisanal wine, as well as the distilled grape-based spirit known as singani, the national drink. But a growing number of wineries here are improving their techniques, ramping up production and starting to export.”

In Bloomberg, Elin McCoy highlights Italy’s white wines that can compete with Super Tuscans and Barolos in terms of collectability.

“Beyond my own appreciation of merlot, and certainly in spite of it, the noble grape deserves a good deal more credit and appreciation than it receives for all the hard work it does in wineries across the world. A perpetual performer, it is prized by many winemakers and largely disregarded by consumers. It is a classic example of the consumer doesn’t know best.” On his Good Vitis blog, Aaron Menenberg makes the case for merlot.

Could the new tariffs placed on French wine cause Bordeaux producers to raise their alcohol levels? W. Blake Gray investigates in Wine-Searcher.

In the World of Fine Wine, David Schildknecht reviews Amber Revolution: How the World Learned to Love Orange Wine by Simon J Woolf.

On Yahoo News, Livia Hengel explores the volcanic wines of Pompeii.

On WineBusiness.com, Linda Jones McKee highlights eight wineries making a difference in Pennsylvania’s wine industry.

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