Daily Wine News: Gravner’s Grace

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(Photo credit: Gravner)

(Photo credit: Gravner)

Robert Camuto profiles Josko Gravner in Wine Spectator. “After touring the wine world, from Burgundy to Napa, over the years, Gravner felt disillusioned with modern enology’s techniques. He became sick of what he calls “conventional wines,” yearning for something more essential in winemaking… At the same time, he became intrigued with ancient methods of fermenting in terra cotta vessels used in the country of Georgia and travelled there in 2000 to learn more. In 2001, Gravner began fermenting his whites in qvevri buried in his cellar. In 2006 he followed with his reds.”

“Skin contact is the new pét-nat (sparkling wine that’s made by taking still-fermenting wine and letting it complete fermentation in the bottle), which was the new rosé at its prime. So, what comes next, trend-wise, after skin contact?” Eater discovers piquette.

In Wine-Searcher, Don Kavanagh compares the price of wines in Pennsylvania, where wine is sold under state control, and elsewhere. “In total, the average variation between Pennsylvania prices and US prices is 6 percent in favor of the Keystone State.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Christina Pickard highlights the producers transforming New Zealand pinot noir.

A new investment fund that enables wealthy wine lovers and institutions to buy vineyard stakes in both renowned and up-and-coming regions, from Piedmont to Kent, is being launched, reports Chris Mercer in Decanter.

In Grape Collective, Lisa Denning talks with Andrea Cecchi (of Cecchi Winery) about the family history and how they have kept the quality of the wines consistent as they have grown.

Peter Saumur looks at how Crémant de Loire is helping the Loire Valley winemaking region in the Buyer.

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