Daily Wine News: Gen Xers

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 09-12-2019

winecheersIn Wine-Searcher, Kathleen Willcox explores the potential of marketing wine to Gen Xers. “In the end, Gen Xers are willing to pay more than Boomers or Millennials for an item that they believe hold meaning and is of a high quality, producers have found.”

“Trump proposes 100% tariff that would double the cost of European wine, cheese and olive oil,” reports Igot Derysh in Salon.

In VICE, Jelisa Castrodale reports on a wine consultant who allegedly scammed wealthy investors out of millions.

Xyella fastidiosa, a bacteria known in the USA as Pierce’s Disease, has been discovered in France. In Meininger’s, Sophie Kevany looks at whether it can affect viticulture in Europe or not.

In Fortune, Stephanie Cain looks at how the research Michael Benedict did led to his founding the first vineyard in the Sta. Rita Hills.

Researchers comparing the genetic difference of wine grapes have found that the “differences definitely contribute to one important feature of grapes: their color.”

After a trip to Switzerland, W. Blake Gray is not impressed with Chasselas. “…I drank a lot of Chasselas, which is the most boring grape in the world.”

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