Daily Wine News: Considering Zweigelt

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Zweigelt. (Photo credit: Austrian Wine)

Zweigelt. (Photo credit: Austrian Wine)

In Grape Collective, Valerie Kathawala talks to several producers and importers about the new scholarship on the Nazi allegiances of viticulturist Dr. Fritz Zweigelt, who the Zweigelt grape is named for, and looks at how Austria has and has not worked through this chapter of its history—and what might change in the future.

In Wine Enthusiast, Matt Kettmann explores the stories of immigrants finding the American Dream through wine in California.

Esquire covers the release of the new Portland Trail Blazers wines, featuring a chardonnay and pinot noir.

Mike Veseth, the wine economist, compares two wine “tribes”: terroirists and naturalists. “Terrorists think they are making natural wine since they seek to draw out the nature of the place where the grapes were grown. Naturalists want more. Easy to see why there is tension, but the the differences seem to cut deeper.”

In the Daily Beast, Max Watman reports on how climate change is helping English sparkling wines.

On his Do Bianchi blog, Jeremy Parzen is also thinking about climate change, especially about how it’s impacting Barolo vineyards.

Imbibe Magazine highlights this fall’s best new wine and drink books.

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