Daily Wine News: Activist Wines

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 09-04-2019

wine_pour_glass-651694.jpg!dIn Bloomberg, Elin McCoy explores the growing category of activist wines. “As with the broader rise of ethical consumerism, wines that do good, as well as taste good, aren’t just a passing fashion. They represent a serious shift in the industry that’s gone from niche to mainstream over the past few years.”

In Wine-Searcher, Oliver Styles ponders the hopeless hunt for the perfect wine. “…there is nowhere to go from perfection, and so I think that defeats the core of appreciation, of existence: which is to be inspirational. I find perfection to be the opposite of this: sterile. A 99-point wine still has hope.”

In Vinous, Stephen Tanzer offers a report on Larkmead Vineyards’ wines. “Even the two wines I focused on—the Solari Cabernet Sauvignon and the LMV Salon—have evolved dramatically since their initial vintages (2001 and 2003, respectively) and winemaker Dan Petroski continues to fine-tune these wines in search of greater complexity and longevity and more moderate alcohol levels.”

Robert Camuto visits three Rhônes winemakers that are friends, competitors and collaborators and together are pushing the limits in Wine Spectator.

In Wine Enthusiast, Mekita Rivas highlights wine and weed tours in Denver, Sonoma County and the Willamette Valley.

The Philadelphia Citizen shares an excerpt from Jason Wilson’s new book, The Cider Revival.

And for a fun one: a new wine study found that 28% of Brits think “terroir” is a breed of dog, and 30% thought the term is a genre of French horror film.

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