Daily Wine News: The 3 Largest Wineries

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One of Gallo’s production facilities

California’s E&J Gallo owns the three largest wineries in the world. Jamie Goode goes on an eye-opening tour of the production wineries via Google Earth. “In 2011, Modesto bottled and shipped 90 million gallons of wine. Livingston produced 160 million gallons and Fresno produced 110 million gallons. They also make their own glass: Gallo Glass produces 2 million bottles a day.”

In Wine-Searcher, Kathleen Willcox looks at how recent changes on Instagram and Facebook will affect modern wine marketing. “So if Instagram is stymieing influencer side-gigs and the sales of wineries, will the multi-billion industry change? Some hope so.”

In Meininger’s, Robert Joseph ponders historical wines. “At a time when populist politicians gain power by promising a return to illusory times gone by, it seems reasonable to worry about fewer young people wanting to learn from the past.”

In Forbes, Lauren Mowery talks bubbles and Finger Lakes wine with Nancy Irelan, winemaker and co-owner of Red Tail Ridge Winery near Seneca Lake.

In VinePair, Celine Bossart profiles sommelier and entrepreneur Tahiirah Habibi.

On the Terroir Review, Meg Houston Maker pays a visit to Vermont’s Windfall Orchard, where Brad Koehler is reviving century-old trees to produce farmstead ciders and perry.

In Newsweek, Josie Zeiger explores Spanish wine country.

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