Daily Wine News: Hudson Valley Hybrids

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Seyval blanc, a hybrid grape. (Wikimedia)

Seyval blanc, a hybrid grape. (Wikimedia)

Carrie Dykes pens a defense of hybrid grapes in Hudson Valley Wine Magazine. “Hybrid wines are the backbone of the Hudson Valley wine industry. Vilified in the 20th century, many hybrid vines were ripped up…Today, a keen perception shift is taking place, either out of necessity—as in Champagne and many other highly regulated regions of Germany, Austria, and Hungary, turning to the use of hybrids to combat the effects of climate change on their production, or out of sheer interest and a realization of the beauty that can be found in these wines.”

In Wine & Spirits Magazine, Rachel DelRocco Terrazas reports on the new wave of Mexican wines that are making their way over the border. “While Bichi has generated the most interest in the US, they’re just one part of a growing community of enólogos defining the terroir of the desert southwest in Baja California.”

In SevenFifty Daily, Alex Russan delves into the science of pigmentation, extraction, and color in wine.

In Bon Appétit, Marissa A. Ross turns her attention to Greek Kontozisis Vineyards’ wines: “…it reminded me of how much I love discovering and drinking and learning about varieties I’d never heard of in places I’d never been before. That’s why we all get into wine, isn’t it? To be surprised and delighted by what is in our glass?”

What do Gen Z wine consumers want from the wine industry? Liz Thach breaks it down on WineBusiness.com. “They are adopting wine at nearly the same rate as Millennials, and seem to be mainly positive about it. They are quite different from previous generations…”

In Decanter, Amanda Barnes reports on South America’s new frontier: Patagonia. (subscription req.)

In Wine Enthusiast, Shayla Martin explores Cleveland’s growing wine scene.

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