Daily Wine News: What is “Winey”?

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 06-03-2019

redwineglassesmoodyIn Wine-Searcher, Margaret Rand breaks down what it means for a wine to be “winey.” “”…winey” is not the world’s most helpful adjective, but to me it meant a sort of Platonic ideal of what a wine should be: if you were going to invent wine for the first time, this would be it. It would be the opposite of fruit juice; it would be sublime, the apotheosis of fruit juice; the point at which fruit juice becomes divine.

Jancis Robinson explores Canada’s Okanagan wines. “The collaborative and creative spirit that fuelled Napa’s pioneers is certainly very evident in BC today. To outsiders they may seem to be generating new appellations a little faster than world-beating wines, but at least the decisions are being made with the full consultation of everyone involved – and the wines are increasingly impressive.”

Transregional and transnational blends of terroir products like coffee can creating exciting new tastes. In Meininger’s, Robert Joseph asks why can’t we try the same thing in wine. “Why shouldn’t the inexpensive red wine I serve along with the sausages and spicy barbecue ribs not be a blend from Chile and Argentina, or Spain, France and Italy?”

Wine production can have a considerable environmental impact, so the industry needs to lead by example in addressing a global issue, says Rupert Joy in Decanter.

In SevenFifty Daily, Julie H. Case explores the new ways drones are changing vineyard management.

In Grape Collective, Christopher Barnes talks with Alessandro Job of Villa Job about his journey into skin contact winemaking in Friuli.

Dave McIntyre highlights celebrity-backed rosés in the Washington Post.

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