Daily Wine News: Pinot Nero Revival

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Pinot Noir, aka Pinot Nero. (Wikimedia)

Pinot Noir, aka Pinot Nero. (Wikimedia)

Robert Camuto explores Italy’s Pinot Nero revival in Wine Spectator. “A mere 40 miles south of Milan, in the Lombardy region, the rolling hills of the Oltrepò Pavese produce mainly sparkling wines, along with a dizzying list of still wines from native Italian grapes… But with more than 7,000 acres of Pinot Nero and a history with the variety dating to the mid-1800s, the area earns the distinction of Pinot Noir’s Italian home.”

“While the wine-making region of Fronton can’t rival Bordeaux’s chateaus, its producers are at the forefront of experiments with digital tools you’d typically find at Amazon,” reports Marie Mawad in Bloomberg. “Winemakers are flying sophisticated drones laden with custom software that lets them monitor plots for sick plants, predict output and map vineyards down to the size of a grape.”

Constellation Brands will launch To Kalon Vineyard Company in 2019 with celebrated winemaker Andy Erickson at the helm.

In VinePair, Christine Clark profiles Krista Scruggs. “Many winemakers talk about honoring fruit, but Scruggs’ fearless approach is unprecedented in modern wine. Rather than create vintages of a core lineup year after year, Scruggs produces entirely different wines every season, based on what fruit is behaving which ways in the field and winery. She provides context and an almost biographical narrative for her wines, sharing the story of why each wine exists; and, furthermore, why it will never exist quite the same way again.”

New York City’s rosé mansion is back.

Liz Thach breaks down 10 facts about Roussillon wine on WineBusiness.com.

California winery Iron Horse Vineyards dominated the wines served to guests at the dinner hosted by Trump and attended to by Prince Charles, reports Decanter.

And for those who missed it, there’s been a lot of discourse and outrage expressed over on Twitter about a recent post on Tim Atkin’s site…

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