Daily Wine News: Natural Wine + Wellness

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girl-162122_1280In VinePair, I respond to the New York Times piece about natural wine and self-care. “No alcoholic beverage is healthy. While some of it may be less bad for you than others, no alcohol is inherently good for you. Not triple-distilled vodka, not veggie-based cocktails, not low-calorie beer. Not even natural wine… By spreading the idea that it’s better than all other wines, natural wine enthusiasts are ironically engaging in the same elitist mentality that the movement formed in opposition against.”

Jancis Robinson is also thinking about natural wines. “A very significant proportion of the wine establishment, by which I mean producers and traders of conventional wine, roll their eyes at the very mention of natural wine. On the other hand, there is no shortage of converts to natural wine who, like the Frenchette team, will not sully their or their customers’ palates with wine they do not consider natural. They have a tendency to lecture the world on the iniquities of conventional wine.”

Sophia McDonald explores why mondeuse is gaining popularity among U.S. somms in SevenFifty Daily.

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre looks at the ways climate change is reshaping wine. “Germany’s rieslings and the Loire Valley’s cabernet francs are enjoying more reliable harvests, year after year, than they were even a decade ago. English sparkling wine is challenging champagne. Sure, there are other factors involved, such as improved winemaking, but the effects of climate change are obvious.”

For most wines, glass bottles make no sense, says Jamie Goode.

Stephanie Cain considers the death of the wine country tasting room in Fortune.

In Wine-Searcher, Tom Jarvis delves into old vines.

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