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(Flickr: Gnawme)

(Flickr: Gnawme)

In the New York Times, Eric Asimov explores the tremendous growth of canned wines. “Wine in cans accounted for $70 million in retail sales in the United States over the year ending in March, said Danny Brager, a vice president of the Nielsen Company, which tracks sales. That’s up from $42 million in the previous year and less than $10 million three years earlier.”

“A movement toward complete transparency and purity is afoot in Oregon and elsewhere, and at first glance, the answer to the question seems obvious – yes, wine should be precisely what it says it is; why lie? But for many in the industry, the question prompts more questions.” Kathleen Willcox speaks with winemakers advocating for stricter wine regulations in Wine-Searcher.

After attending the Food Writers’ Workshop, Tom Natan ponders the lack of diversity in the wine world on the blog for First Vine. “I asked a couple of people who attended more recent wine bloggers’ conferences. They told me that the attendees are nearly evenly split by gender these days. This makes sense – according to surveys, women drink more wine than men do, so there ought to be plenty of women writing about wine.  But if you look at the racial make-up, it’s as white as I remember it.”

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Melia Russell looks at how weed tourism is becoming the new wine tasting in California.

Elsewhere in the Chronicle, Tal Kopan learns about the Congressional Wine Caucus, “the under-the-radar, bipartisan coalition of lawmakers work[ing] in Washington to promote and address the needs of the wine industry.”

“Domaine Nicolas-Jay is putting down roots. After five harvests in the Willamette Valley, Jean-Nicolas Méo and partner Jay Boberg have purchased their own pied à terre in a cozy corner of the northern Dundee Hills,” reports L.M. Archer on WineBusiness.com.

In PUNCH, Megan Krigbaum looks at how a group of Dominique Belluard white wines cultivated in the shadow of Mont Blanc became a sommelier sensation.

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