Daily Wine News: Gen Z Consumers

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 11-29-2018

glassofroseIn Beverage Media, Kit Pepper compares Gen Z to Millennial wine consumers. “The oldest of this group are just 22, but already Generation Z is drinking about 20% less than Millennials did, according to a 2017 survey by Berenberg Research. The same survey predicts this generation will consume 10% less alcohol per capita than Millennials through age 49. This is huge because Generation Z is huge: 86.43 million U.S. residents in 2017 (Statista) versus 71.86 million Millennials and 73.47 million Baby Boomers…”

On his Do Bianchi blog, Jeremy Parzen is impressed by Dan Petroski’s latest label, Gaspare, a 2016 Italian blend of Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, and Chardonnay. “Here’s a critically acclaimed and admired American winemaker whose aesthetic has been shaped by his contact with Friulian white wines. Like a Dante emulating his guide Virgil, he has applied his experience in and passion for Italy using Friulian grape varieties grown in Californian soil. But now he’s come back to Italy, full circle, in a peripeteia that precedes a glorious reckoning, a resolution of sorts between that which inspires and the inspiration itself.”

“Champagne house Louis Roederer could release still wines that it has made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, as global warming may prompt more Champagne houses to produce still wines alongside fizz,” reports Natalie Wang in the Drinks Business.

According to Chris Mercer in Decanter: “Italy’s national wine committee unanimously approved the creation of Monferrato DOC Nebbiolo in Piedmont, as well as a ‘Superiore’ extension, in late September this year.”

Paul Gregutt explores the state of Oregon pinot noir in Wine Enthusiast.

In Wine-Searcher, Jim Boyce investigates China’s changing taste wine.

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