Daily Wine News: Trademark Battles

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 09-06-2018

Nero d'Avola. (Wikimedia)

Nero d’Avola. (Wikimedia)

The trademark battle over grape variety names continues. In SevenFifty Daily, Simone Madden-Grey looks at why Italy is trying to ban Australian Nero d’Avola in U.K. markets. “If the argument from Italian producers is ultimately successful, the implications will be significant for wine regions that are exploring grape varieties better suited to the world’s changing climate, as well as for New World countries increasing their share of the global market.”

In the Oregon Wine Press, Maureen Flanagan Mattistella reports on how Southern Oregon wineries are dealing with the high smoke alert.

In Punch, Jaya Saxena explores her obsession with Manischewitz. “I’m not being cute or ironic. I am not Jewish, and my drinking habits have evolved over the years to embrace a general urban inclination toward dry wines and crisp, refreshing cocktails. But once I started thinking of Manischewitz less as a table wine and more as a sweet fortified wine—like port for dirtbags—a whole world opened up.”

On the blog for First Vine, Tom Natan pens a profile of Marion Pla of Domaine Marion Pla in the Languedoc.

In Decanter, Andrew Jefford visits Tonnellerie Cadus, a cooperage in Burgundy.

In Wine Enthusiast, Anna Lee C. Iijima explores German white wines beyond riesling.

For the Dallas Morning News, Alfonso Cevola offers his picks for the best grocery store wines.

In the Takeout, Gwen Ihnat reviews wine apps.

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