Daily Wine News: Somewhereness

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(Flickr: ajroder)

(Flickr: ajroder)

“If “somewhereness”, as the wine writer Matt Kramer famously translated the French term “terroir”, is comparatively unimportant to many wine drinkers, particularly the millennials who are so important to the future of the wine business, what price appellations, sub-regions and single vineyards? Do consumers need them or want them?” Tim Atkin explores the answer.

In Healthyish, Marissa A. Ross wants you to put the wine glass down when you’re feeling sad. “Wine is joyful. It is one of the most joyful things on this Earth…But if you drink wine because you’re sad, you start to associate it with those feelings. It strips wine of its ability to take you to places you’ve never been, to remind you of memories you love, or to be present in the place and memories you are creating as you drink the wine right then.”

The Drinks Business reveals the wine and questions put to the latest batch of candidates taking the Masters of Wine stage two examinations.

Robert Camuto reflects on how much Etna’s wine scene has evolved in the past decade and what changes are still to come in Wine Spectator.

In the Missoulian, David Erickson profiles Jorge Oaxaca, who has been growing Marquette grapes in his Montana vineyard and believes the state will evolve into a grape-growing region as the global climate warms.

In Decanter, Andrew Jefford salutes a Russian renaissance in the Gassac valley.

In SevenFifty Daily, Courtney Schiessl reports on why some French winemakers are flocking to South America for more affordable vineyard land and new terroir.

According to James Lawrence in Wine-Searcher, prosecco sales growth has stalled in the UK.

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