Daily Wine News: Rosé’s Challenges

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(Source: Wikimedia)

(Source: Wikimedia)

In the Drinks Business, Lauren Eads on the rosé revolution. “One of the biggest challenges for rosé is encouraging consumption outside of the summer months, while also exploring and proving its potential to age. The lack of men in the category is worth noting…”

Mary Winston Nicklin profiles Gérard Bertrand. “A former rugby star, Bertrand is today regarded as a pioneer in fine wine production in the Languedoc, helping to shatter the stereotype of the region’s wines as mass-market swill.”

“For Millennials, the exploration and discovery around wine does not have to be married to varieties or tradition.” In Wine Spectator, Emma Balter says the branding—not the grape variety—may be better at attracting millenials to a brand.

In Decanter, Ellie Douglas ponders the future of wine—drone delivery, wine vending machines, edible bottles and more.

“Without the farmer there would be no farm. There would be no food… Without the farmer, there would be no wine. Wine doesn’t just happen, a farmer has to make it happen.” On Terroir Review, Meg Houston Maker shares her keynote remarks for the Top Drop Vancouver conference.

Kelli White explores the role of oxygen in red wine making in Guild Somm.

Wine Spectator talks to Sweetbitter author Stephanie Danler about her novel’s TV adaptation and how wine helped her grow up.

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