Daily Wine News: Burgundy By Bike

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-27-2015

(Flickr: JPC24M)

(Flickr: JPC24M)

Andy Pietrasik experiences wine tasting in Burgundy by bike in the Guardian.

Kristen Bieler finds Long Island wines worth hunting for, and laughs at Long Island’s wine country’s nickname, “Napa of the East” in Grape Collective. “Aside from their expensive real estate and being planted with some of the same grapes, they are about as different as any two wine regions can be.”

William Sitwell pens, “Confessions of a middle-aged summer wine snob” in the Telegraph.I’ve sipped, slurped and quaffed some terrific glasses. And what I am coming to terms with is that life seems too short to pass cheap liquid through my lips and onto the flavour-noids of my tongue and mouth.”

Alder Yarrow features the wines of Renaissance Vineyards, “Lost Treasures in the Sierra Foothills.”

Jancis Robinson on “black-owned wine companies in South Africa.”

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague discovers some deals on wines that aren’t easily found at big N.J. discounter, Bottle King.

In Food & Wine, Ray Isle discovers what happens to a bottle of wine submerged in ocean water for 150 years.

According to Guy Collins in Bloomberg Business, the wine investment market is seeing “relative calm.”

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre explains why the sommelier watches notices little details, such as how you attack the bread basket, before recommending you a wine.

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