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Flickr, rudynorff.

Flickr, rudynorff.

The San Jose Mercury News anoints me as the blogger of the week!

“It took almost 14 years of research and experimentation before they could say with certainty that this uncommon grape was a totally new indigenous variety, not only for Valpolicella, but for the whole (wealthy) Italian heritage of grapes.” In Palate Press, Elisabetta Tosi tells the story of Spigamonti.

“Many Japanese tastemakers are ignorant of winemaking, stylistic and drinking trends that occur elsewhere.” Ned Goodwin, MW, explains why he has decided to leave Japan.

“That’s the danger of tasting but a few sips of any wine. It’s the equivalent of speed dating. You really don’t want to run your life by shallow evaluations.” The HoseMaster tastes through a dozen Cabernet Sauvignons from Washington, Napa Valle,  and Sonoma County alongside Andy Perdue, Mike Dunne, Dan Berger, and Ellen Landis.

Mike Veseth explains why South Africa might be the world’s top wine tourism destination. I agree.

“Instead of telling us the same thing that the guy from Bordeaux said and spouting the same line as the lady from Napa, or putting us to sleep with hectares, varietal mix and rootstocks, tell us your story – unless you spot trains or collect stamps. In that case, stick to the rootstocks.” Rebecca Gibb offers some sound advice.

Liz Thach provides a “a brief review of trends in the US wine market for 2014 and highlights of 2013.”

Elsewhere, Joe Roberts looks at Nielsen’s take on wine consumer trends.

In Burgundy, Bruce Sanderson hangs out with Alex Gambal.

Tied house laws are still “Alive and Kicking.” John Trinidad explains.

“While new is exciting and compelling is intellectually engaging, when all is said and done, and one is sitting down with a nice plate of pasta, what works best might just be something fresh and simple.” Alfonso Cevola, chock-full of wisdom.

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  1. Congrats on the article in the San Jose Mercury! I just read it. A Napa Valley visit changed the way I think about wine too.