Daily Wine News: Prelaunch Mystique

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Flickr, craig.camp.

Flickr, craig.camp.

“Thus Sandlands has enjoyed the sort of prelaunch mystique reserved for projects with operational budgets in the eight figures, rather than one run from [a] modest Napa bungalow.” Jon Bonné writes a wonderful profile of the “vineyard wanderer,” Tegan Passalacqua.

“Some wineries are famous. Some are infamous. And some are legendary. Château Rayas sits comfortably between the latter two: equally enigmatic and revered.” Alder Yarrow visits Château Rayas.

“Asimov and Bonné are but two of many critics and wine importers who are helping reshape the American palate, and this will ultimately be good for all of us.” In the Montreal Gazette, Bill Zacharkiw comments on Robert Parker’s decision to lash out at critics with divergent opinions.

“In Europe… their job is just to not screw it up. Our job is to figure it all out and we’ve got to make mistakes and we’ve got to look foolish and we can’t take ourselves so seriously.” In Food Republic, Richard Martin and Randall Grahm explore humor in wine.

“Archaeologists have found what they believe could be evidence of a near-2,000-year-old Roman vineyard in southern England.” Chris Mercer has the details in Decanter.

Lily Elaine Hawk Wakawaka tastes Nagy Wines with Clarissa Nagy.

“I can go to this little seaside town and get an instant read on what’s changing in Italy just by looking at the store windows.” Alfonso Cevola writes about his “other” Italy.

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