Daily Wine News: Debating Parker

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Flickr, winestem.

Flickr, winestem.

“Let me begin by asking why you seem increasingly satisfied to tar the world with such a broad brush?” Alder Yarrow debates Robert Parker.

“The most expensive bottles being drunk in the dining room are rarely purchased off the restaurant list any longer.” In Eater, Levi Dalton writes about “Boomers and the Emergence of the Corkage Economy.”

“They’d all figured out that the latitude of the Willamette Valley was the same as Burgundy’s famed Côte d’Or. But in the early ’70s, there was little other evidence to support the idea that fine wine might be made here, where walnuts, plums and cherries were the cash crops.” In the Wall Street Journal, Jay McInerney profiles Dick Ponzi.

In Serious Eats, Meg Houston Maker offers some tips on “How to Pair Wine With Super Bowl Snacks.”

“Expectations play a vital role in the eventual pleasure we experience at consumption. Oftentimes, the anticipation is as enjoyable, if not more, than the actual event. Built up tension often explodes in a cathartic release when the moment arrives and reality meets vision.” In the latest newsletter from Peay Vineyards, Andy Peay writes a wonderful essay on wine and expectations.

“Clark Smith has a tremendous knowledge of the science of wine… However, the conclusions he draws from that knowledge and know-how are sometimes very difficult to connect with their premises.” In Palate Press, Remy Charest takes a look at Clark Smith and his “postmodern winemaking.”

In his latest letter from Europe, Robert Camuto’s profiles Jacopo Biondi Santi, who recently had his first harvest at Il Greppo without his father.

“Why doesn’t sherry get more love outside the bubble? After all, the Laws of Wine Writing seem to dictate that one must proclaim sherry the most misunderstood/neglected/underappreciated wine in the world.” In Table Matters, Jason Wilson pays homage to Sherry — and shares eight classic Sherry cocktails.

In Wine-Searcher, Sotheby’s Jamie Ritchie shares his recipe for “Roast Veal with Vegetables in Garlic-Shallot Butter.”


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