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Flickr, Jérôme-.

Flickr, Jérôme-.

“He nodded and scuffed his toe in the gravel, then apologized for failing to meet me last night, explaining that some family business had detained him. After an awkward pause, he asked me if I’d like a tour.” In the Wall Street Journal, Jay McInerney visits Anselme Selosse, the “Indie Innovator of Champagne Country.”

“Now is a good time to usher curiosity back into the often staid world of wine – to be mindful that the old hierarchies often no longer apply.” Jon Bonné lists his ten most memorable wines of the year.

Elsewhere in the Chronicle, Bonné convinces Gary Regan to create “a bubbly new drink for New Year’s Eve.”

In Wine-Searcher, Maureen Downey explores the impact of Rudy Kurniawan’s conviction.

Jameson Fink guests posts at The Reserve Wine Snob, recommending the NV Antech Brut Nature Blanquette de Limoux as a “satisfying and refreshing sparkling wine pick that’ll give you change back on your $20 bill.”

In the Press-Enterprise, Laurie Lucas profiles Chris Kern, the proprietor of Forgotten Grapes, a wine bar and retail shop in Riverside, California that focuses on the uncommon.

In Washington, at least, Lemberger is “slowly fading into obscurity.” The reason? According to many vintners, it’s the name — as it “evokes thoughts of stinky cheese rather than a deliciously smooth and fruity red wine.”

“Blind tastings can be fun, informative, uplifting, humbling, even humiliating.” Dave McIntyre shares his impressions from a recent blind tasting of a dozen sparklers.

“I’m not at my 10-pound goal yet, but I’m way beyond base camp. And I did it during the toughest time of the year.” Somehow, Alfonso Cevola lost weight during October, November, and December!

On NPR, Richard Betts chats with Jennifer Ludden about his book, The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague explores wine-and-cheese matching with Sean Kelly of Murray’s Cheese.

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