Daily Wine News: Guilty

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 12-19-2013

rudy Kurniawan“Wearing an ill-fitting gray suit, Kurniawan stood tight-lipped, with his hands crossed in front of him, as a middle-aged woman, the forewoman for a 12-person jury, read the verdict.” Yesterday, Rudy Kurniawan was found guilty. He’ll be sentenced on April 24

“No matter what the feds do going forward, the Rudy Kurniawan saga has been one heck of a story.” Tyler Colman offers some commentary.

In Wine Spectator, Mitch Frank wonders if Kurniawan is just the tip of a “Fake Wine Crisis.”

Keith Levenberg attends a wine tasting with Kurniawan, in prison.

“I remember in the late 1970s when Dan Green, my publisher at Simon & Schuster, showed me a little magazine by a chap he was thinking of publishing called Robert Parker. I liked the very vivid tasting notes, I thought they jumped off the page, but then I said, ‘What’s this number here?’, and he said, ‘That’s the score.’ I said, ‘That’s not possible.’” In Wine-Searcher, Adam Lechmere chats with Hugh Johnson.

On the blog for Tablas Creek, Jason Haas wonders “What Facebook’s News Feed Changes Mean for the Wine Community.”

“Even if it is actually just money passing hands, what it looks like is Rick Ross going all in, living that #belairelife. The endorsement feels real.” Ben O’Donnell explains how one small importer has unlocked the secret to wine marketing.

Lauren Mowery lists “Ten Gifts for Wine Lovers.”

“While we’d never turn down a bottle of Krug, a lesser-known group of producers in Champagne is making bubbles that take the region’s telltale glamour in a different direction.” Grape Collective provides a primer on Grower Champagne.

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