Daily Wine News: Drinking Chinon

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From Wikipedia.

From Wikipedia.

The Pilgrims didn’t drink Chinon. But Jason Wilson thinks you should.

“After a small 2010 harvest, a generally ordinary set of wines from 2011 and a tiny 2012 harvest, 2013 feels like a kick in the teeth.” But according to Andrew Jefford, the year could be a “breakthrough” for vintners in the Languedoc.

“Forbes’ wines do renew my faith in Pinot Noir, but interestingly they shed light on the grape itself less than they do the character of the Yarra Valley, and what it means to make wines of place.” Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka writes a wonderful profile of Mac Forbes.

“Just one glance at any photograph of the extraordinary topography of the underpopulated Douro valley is enough to demonstrate that viticulture will never be cheap in this corner of the wine world and deserves our support.” Jancis Robinson visits the Douro.

In the Wall Steet Journal Europe, Will Lyons profiles Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, whose “ambition is to provide a bit of affordable luxury for everyone.”

In Bloomberg, Elin McCoy contends that Gruner Veltliner producers “the best-value great white wines in the world.”

W. Blake Gray attends a tasting of domestic Pinot Noir from 1999. His conclusion? “California and Oregon Pinot Noir can age gracefully.”

“‘Social media is everybody’s job,’ Mabray said. ‘There is always (a return on investment) in talking to your customers.'” In the Napa Valley Register, Peter Jensen profiles Vintank.

“Many years ago, when I wrote comedy, I often wrote for an audience. Now I do not. But I can feel you out there, reading HoseMaster of Wine™ on your laptops, your tablets, your phones.” The HoseMaster gives thanks.

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