Daily Wine News: A Great Bulldozer

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From Wikimedia.

From Wikimedia.

“You get a great bulldozer like Robert Parker, who I think doesn’t add anything. I’m not trying to be provocative; I just think he has muddied the waters for a lot of people by setting up a system which is fundamentally misleading.” Dave McIntyre sits down for a fascinating chat with Hugh Johnson.

“There are winery owners who know very little about wine who enlist vineyard and wine gurus with the singular goal of achieving 99 or 100 points from Parker… This creates an environment where wines resemble each other more and more… This is valid both here and in Bordeaux.” In two parts (Part 1; Part 2), Mick Cameron chats with Christian Moueix.

Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka profiles Sandi Skerk and tastes through his latest releases.

“It’s almost certainly an overestimate, but it’s enough to give pause that an organization with its finger on the pulse of fine wine could come up with such a number.” In Wine Spectator, Robert Taylor comments on the report from Sud Ouest, a newspaper in Bordeaux,  estimating that 20 percent of the wine sold on the international market is fraudulent.

In Grape Collective, Alia Akkam chats with New York City sommelier Jen Sgobbo.

In case you’re writing a wine book, the HoseMaster has put together a template for a foreword by Hugh Johnson.

“There is something incongruous about sipping a well-structured, deeply aromatic pinot noir at a beautiful winery while watching people fling themselves off a bridge, even if they are attached by a bungee cord.” I need to visit New Zealand!

In Wine-Searcher, “10 Things Every Wine Lover Should Know About Ducru-Beaucaillou.”

Did you know that the Kir Royale was named for a French resistance fighter? Or that the South American classic, the Pisco Sour, was invented by a bartender from Utah (!) who was working in Peru?” In Palate Press, Michelle Locke reviews Storied Sips, a new book from cocktail historian Erica Duecy.

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