Daily Wine News: Too Short

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toilet“Life is too short to try a wine I might not like. Having other people try wine for me before I buy is just like having… my maid clean my toilet.” Kyle Schlachter of Colorado Wine Press hands his blog over to his “extern,” Harry Oldman. The post is hilarious.

“Lawmakers don’t expect consumers to make much noise over alcohol laws, so they vote on these complex issues the way the local retail and wholesale interests that fund their campaigns tell them to — usually with the cover that they are protecting their constituents from harm.” Wine Spectator’s Robert Taylor reports from New York.

Silicon Valley Bank’s Rob McMillan explains why “Millennials Aren’t All That.”

“This is ironic if only because this New Snobbery… employs the same sort of exclusivism masquerading as discrimination.” Matt Kramer is glad that “old” wine snobbery has died, but he’s worried about the ascendance of “new” wine snobbery — where “celebrants of the artisanal reject anything larger scale or, seemingly worse yet, well-known.”

In Palate Press, Simon Woolf goes “Beyond Barolo” to look at “Piedmont’s Treasure Trove of Unusual Grape Varieties.”

In Wine-Searcher,  Adam Lechmere chats with Hunter Valley vintner Bruce Tyrrell, who “provoked a family feud” in 1989 by holding back 1,000 cases of Semillon to release seven years later.

In the Daily Meal, Juliet Tierney sits down with with Banshee Wines co-founder Baron Ziegler.

“After 22 years, ZAP has redesigned its annual event.” In the San Jose Mercury News, Jessica Yadegaran has the details on the annual Zinfandel festival.

On Winemakers Recommend, Helen Keplinger praises Cedric Bouchard’s Inflorescence, a blanc de noirs.

“The key to the Hanni’s Vinotype analysis is that people are very different from each other and their wine preferences are not just about wine – they reflect a person’s sensibilities more generally.” Mike Veseth writes a fascinating piece on Tim Hanni’s “Vinotype Analysis.”

On the blog for Ridge Vineyards, Christopher Watkins explores the question of whether or not Zinfandel can age. Through song.

Fred Swan joins the chorus of those praising Matthiasson’s latest Chardonnay.

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