Daily Wine News: Lesser Vintages

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 10-15-2013

idlewild photo“Unless you’re an investor, or the sort of collector who wants to drink only blue-chip wines from ‘great years,’ you’d often be better served drinking wines from ‘lesser vintages,’ the sort of things that old-fashioned members of the British wine trade used to call ‘luncheon clarets.'” In Wine-Searcher, Tim Atkin praises “lesser vintages.”

Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka spends some time with Idlewild Wines.

On NPR, Michaeleen Doucleff explains “How Wine Labels Trick Us Into Buying.”

“My wait has been very much in the vein of Waiting for Godot, and it has been going on two decades now. I remain patiently optimistic.” Jason Wilson wonders when American consumers will “finally discover the value in Portuguese wines.”

Across most of France, 2013 was a rough year. But in Champagne, it’s looking like a vintage year.

From Michael McDonough, Bloomberg’s chief economist, a fascinating chart showing U.S. personal consumption expenditure on beer and wine from 2000. (H/T: Business Insider.)

Yet another reason to drink more wine. New tests show that resveratrol can slow growth of cancer cells.

Jeff Siegel’s The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine is officially for sale.

“Sensory panels get laughed at sometimes – ‘Really, tasting things is work for you?’ – but being on a trained sensory panel is a lot more like training for a team sport than like play time.” For science, Erika Szymanski spits vigorously into a test tube.

Jameson Fink makes “nine noteworthy finds” in the Dry Creek Valley.

In Food & Wine, Jordana Rothman chats with “a few cocktail industry vets to suss out… harbingers of doom behind the bar.”

When veteran golf star Miguel Angel Jimenez scored a hole-in-one at the Portugal Masters, he was awarded 100 bottles of wine.

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