Daily Wine News: Napa Valley Issue

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Loam Baby releases its third issue. The focus? Napa Valley.

An Alto Adige vineyard. Flickr, ezioman.

Alto Adige. Flickr, ezioman.

In Alto Adige, according to Jon Bonné, “The same fresh, eye-opening quality that marks the wines of Switzerland or France’s Savoie can be found.”

In his first column for Wine-Searcher, Mike Veseth contends that “fine wine is best seen as an emerging market.”

“Your faith that my words have meaning, when, essentially, I’m just blowing smoke up your ass, is what making sense of wine is all about.” The HoseMaster channels Matt Kramer.

In the Financial Times, Jancis Robinson contends that “Huet Vouvrays can be some of the greatest wines in the world.”

In Bloomberg, Elin McCoy profiles Ray Walker, “a terroir-obsessed expat in Burgundy… [who] succeeded beyond his most far-fetched dreams.”

Alice Feiring comments on “the wine world’s own Paula Dean,” Fulvio Bressan.

“A new device, the Coravin, has arrived that may revolutionize the sorts of wines that restaurants can make available by the glass.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov has the details.

“Unlike proper wine glasses or the act of pairing wine with food, wine temperature isn’t something that most wine drinkers think much about.” But, as Lettie Teague explains in the Wall Street Journal, “correct wine temperature — in both service and storage — is one of the most crucial aspects of the enjoyment of wine.”

Wine & Spirits names the “Best New Sommeliers of 2013.”

“Apple is being characteristically tight-lipped about what it’ll call its new iPhone color,” but the company better not call it Champagne.

Aaron Nix-Gomez and Erin Scala join forces to “present research topics and invite others to join [them] in writing coordinated posts about the history of wine.”

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