Daily Wine News: More Than Cab

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 09-27-2013

1982On Winemakers Recommend, Jeff Ames (of Rudius) explains why he adores old Napa Cabernet.

“You need not sell your stash of Napa Cabernet just yet because the ‘revolution’ that this new book will proclaim is built around very limited quantities of wine that only the writer and a few insiders and geeks are chasing.” Charles Olken offers his thoughts on Jon Bonné’s forthcoming book, The New California Wine. One must wonder, though, if Olken has read the book. Or if he realizes that not too long ago, Napa had much more to offer than Cabernet.

Tom Wark responds to the common interpretation of John Gillespie’s survey which explores who high-frequency American wine drinkers take advice from.

In Wine-Searcher, “W. Blake Gray meets fifth-generation winemaker Charlie Wagner, whose family owns Caymus Vineyards in the Napa Valley.”

“I’m thrilled that anyone wants to bring us anything, anytime. But I know I can express opinions a little emphatically at times, and I hope that doesn’t make anyone nervous about offering a wine gift.” Like most readers of this blog, Tom Natan’s friends hesitate to bring him wine.

“Pairing wine with cheese is actually a little more complicated than it seems.” In the Wall Street Journal Europe, some sage advice from Will Lyons.

“That fleeting proximity gives me no great insight into the deliberations in Treasury’s board room, of course.” A few days before David Dearie was ousted as CEO of Treasury Wine Estates, he spent time with Dave McIntyre.

At the Wine Industry Financial Symposium, winery managers gave some impromptu marketing advice. Jim Gordon Read has the details.

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