Daily Wine News: Less Glamorous

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Flickr, jenny downing.

Flickr, jenny downing.

“Ask any sommelier and they’ll tell you there are fewer and fewer gigs. Fine dining is being eclipsed, replaced by more modest restaurants that aren’t budgeting for big wine programs.” In Imbibe, Robert Simonson writes a great piece on “the role of the modern sommelier” — and how it “may be shifting to something less glamorous, but a little more real.”

“I’d wager that most Alsace winemakers would just laugh at the assertion that wild yeast fermentation does not exist.” In Palate Press, Simon Woolf heads to Alsace to find out why the topic of wild yeast fermentation is so divisive – and why it’s so important to winemakers.

Tom Wark details “The 4 Key Trends in the Wine Industry in the Past 20 Years.” His conclusion? “The consumers’ actions and desires have driven all the trend.”

“The company counts the CIA, FBI, NSA, and a slew of other military and law enforcement agencies among its clients.” In the Washington Post, Andrea Peterson writes about Delectable — and how its founder, Alex Fishman, utilized the lessons he learned from his time as a “forward deployed engineer” for behemoth data mining intelligence firm Palantir.

Steve Heimoff worries that the “golden age of wine writing” has passed. My reaction? As Jason Kallsen of The Wine Company wrote on Facebook, “Revolutionary, yes. Destructive, no.”

In San Francisco, many foodies have been eagerly awaiting the re-opening of Tosca Cafe. Now, wine enthusiasts have something to get excited about. The wine program will be headed up by Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Winery and Biondivino wine shop owner Ceri Smith. In the Chronicle’s food blog, Paolo Lucchesi chats with them.

Mike Veseth offers his thoughts on three new books — The World of Sicilian Wine by Bill Nest; Postmodern Winemaking by Clark Smith; and American Wine Economics by James Thornton.

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