Daily Wine News: Little Postcard

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Courtesy of UNDP, Croatia.

Courtesy of UNDP, Croatia.

“In the sparkling little postcard world I found myself inhabiting that afternoon, the wine blended into the background — and that was its beauty: it was a peerless, understated accompaniment to the seafood, and it bound everything together.” Robert Draper heads to Croatia to drink Malvasia.

“[The story] is simply about someone falling head over heels in love with the grape. The story is worth telling, though, because the wines are actually good.” Alder Yarrow writes a fantastic profile of William Allen of Two Shepherds. (As regular readers may remember, we interviewed William in July and profiled his wine project last March.)

“Some of the most exciting wines being made in Oregon today are Chardonnays. These are not your grandma’s butter bombs; they’re taut, lean wines with terrific mouthfeel.” On Palate Press, W. Blake Gray contends that Oregon Chardonnay is ripe “for the same sort of hip revival as fixed-gear bikes.”

Meanwhile, on his blog, Gray explains why investors are so interested in the Oregon wine industry.

Tom Wark praises one of my favorite new websites, Winemakers Recommend.

Unsurprisingly, winemakers who use too much SO² “are muting the fruit character in aromatic whites.”

“That it tasted like it was made with a different grape from the other side of the world speaks to the increasing use of winemaking tools that make wine taste the same no matter where it’s from.” Jeff Siegel explains why the International Style of Winemaking “drives so many people crazy.”

In the Los Angeles Times, S. Irene Virbila reports on the American Wine Consumer Coalition’s debut report, Consuming Concerns: The 2013 State-by-State Report Card on Consumer Access to Wine.

In October, Richard Betts MS will release “The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert.”

On Wednesday, Delectable — an iPhone app for remembering wines you’ve tasted — “revealed $2 million in funding from influential angels, including Palantir founder and CEO Alex Karp.”

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