Daily Wine News: Exciting Region

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 08-09-2013

Mount-EtnaIn the New York Times, Eric Asimov contends that “Sicily is one of the most exciting wine regions in the world.”

“In 2004 when Jason’s father was getting very sick, he helped take care of the winery and his father was brave enough to let him work his way and make the decisions.” Bertrand Celce writes a wonderful essay on Jason Lett and the wines of The Eyrie Vineyards.

“I’d expected Ankida Ridge Pinot to be an Eastern anomaly. But it turned out that Virginia was full of wines that were equally good, and even my own home state was performing better than I had thought.” In Food & Wine, Steven Grubbs embarks on a three-day tour of Southern wineries.

“Times are changing and it will be fascinating to see how it plays out in the years to come.” Tim Fish comments on the new Gallup survey which found that more and more Americans prefer wine over beer.

In Investor’s Business Daily, Curt Schleier profiles Harvey and Michael Houlihan, the founders of Barefoot Wine.

In The Drinks Business, Gabriel Savage lists his “10 most irritating wine terms.”

The New York Cork Report recently surveyed a number of Finger Lakes winemakers “to get their take on the strongest Riesling vintages.” The consensus, as Evan Dawson finds out, is that there’s no consensus — at least when asked to pick a “Vintage of the Decade.”

Jo Diaz finds that at Total Wine, it “all boils down to Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and Tanzer.”

“The moment to tell the story of Italy’s other wonders has arrived.” This year, the Wine Advocate’s annual vintage chart will extend beyond Piedmont and Tuscany.

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