Daily Wine News: #WineFreedom

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Flickr, buggolo.

Flickr, buggolo.

“The real question is, are wine lovers motivated enough to sacrifice the price of a bottle of wine for a chance to be heard?” On WineSpectator.com, Robert Taylor profiles the American Wine Consumer Coalition.

“The founding of the American Wine Consumer Coalition is not to be equated with the world-wrenching impact of the Declaration of Independence… However, the AWCC is a Cri de Coeur that similarly came about as a result of the institutions of power ignoring the needs of those for whom the institutions presumably exist to serve.” Some strong words from Tom Wark on Independence Day.

Over on Tim Atkin’s website, Ron Washam (aka the Hosemaster) explains why “we should have a World Cup of Wine.”

“You could call this a comeback story, but the man never left. He just kept improving, kept refining, kept working, even while dealing with obstreperous bureaucrats and middle-of-the-night police raids.” In Palate Press, Evan Dawson writes the first part of a series on Burgundy vintner Jean-Marie Guffens.

“Backed by the force of George Lucas, the reputation of Sean Thackery, and the marketing power of the Boisset family, the winemakers of Marin are prepared to give it a go.” In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb writes about the effort to turn Marin County into a high quality winegrowing region.

Elsewhere in Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb chats with Chantal Perse of Chateau Pavie.

“Today, Greek wines are all about the wheres and whats, and the wheres happen to be the easier of the two to understand and discuss.” On Snooth, Gregory Dal Piaz explores Greek wines.

Georgian wines are returning to Russian tables.

In Wine Enthusiast, Steve Heimoff offers four pointers to the wine industry as it tries to connect with consumers who are still recovering from the recession.

“It seems likely then that Constantia wine received by General George Washington was was not true Constantia but the lesser sort.” In Aaron Nix-Gomez’s latest post, he delves deep into the history books to figure out if George Washington really received a case of Constantia wine in 1788. (If you’re interested in history, be sure to visit Hogsheadwine regularly.)

On Deadspin, Will Gordon ranks 36 cheap American beers.

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