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Wine Folly publishes a “simplified guide” to Burgundy, and it “includes maps, infographics, and the most important facts on the five major sub-regions.” Check it out!

Flickr, martinvarsavsky.

Flickr, martinvarsavsky.

In the New York Times, a fantastic map of America’s wineries.

“Swimming against the mainstream takes grit and confidence, so I tip my hat to the team at Stony Hill Winery.” On Forbes.com, Katie Kelly Bell profiles Stony Hill Winery.”

“Don’t take any wine ratings seriously. Trust your friends, trust a few critics who seem to enlighten you, trust a decent wine shop… There are no guarantees. Get over it.” The HoseMaster comments on wine judging.

“Barrel fermentation is hardly new, but it still stands out in a sea of stainless.” In Palate Press, Erika Szymanski explores why more and more winemakers are barrel fermenting their white wines.

In the New York Times, Howard Goldberg explains why “Long Island’s terrific 2010 vintage helps make the argument that merlot… should be accepted as the region’s signature red grape.”

W. Blake Gray recently discovered “a great Semillon from Amador County.” So he decided to chat with the man behind it, Andis Wines winemaker Mark McKenna.

In Wine-Searcher, Rebecca Gibb lists “10 Things Every Wine Lover Should Know About Leoville Barton.”

“The giant will always be back, sooner or later, crazier than ever.” Andrew Jefford writes about hail.

“What’s That 3% Syrah Doing in Your Wine?” It’s helping provide balance, of course. Jameson Fink explains.

Kyle Schlachter explains why “wine is something that needs to be shared.”

Thanks largely to last year’s record crop, California wineries are scrambling to make room for the upcoming harvest.

“Late-night television has long been the domain of movie stars, stand-up comics and musicians — but since debuting in 2009, ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ has put chefs on the front burner.” The New York Post explores Jimmy Fallon’s obsession with food.

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