Daily Wine News: Safe House

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“Burgundy. We convinced the infidels that the wines of Burgundy were the true wines of pleasure.” Mike Steinberger receives a top-secret transcript from an al-Qaeda safe house in Waziristan.

“When I’m not working or if I’m just relaxing with a book, it’s always with a beer, it’s never with a glass of wine.” David Coggins sits down with superstar sommelier Carla Rzeszewski. (H/T: Eric Asimov.)

“These industry professionals, along with many consumers, have gone in pursuit of wines that are more nuanced, less alcoholic, and, some would contend, more balanced. It is the use of this last term that has many in the wine world up in arms.” Thomas Riley looks at both sides of the “balance” debate. 

“Tasting these wines I could feel how different they are from the typical Napa wine. These are made to showcase the juice from the grapes grown on their hillside vines, and the soils they come from. Nothing more, nothing less.” The Brooklyn Guy visits Stony Hill Vineyard.

“The first time I met Randall Grahm, he began discussing chi within a few minutes of my arrival.” Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka spends some time with the original Rhone ranger, Randall Grahm.

“I know that feeling, that sense of adventure and discovery at the thought of trying new wines and some of the best in the world.” That’s a feeling Tim Fish never wants to lose.

Chuck Hayward offers some tips on where to wine and dine in Bordeaux.

Just in time for grilling season, Fred Swan recommends several California Petite Sirahs.

William Allen welcomes a new writer to Simple Hedonisms.

Shanken News Daily chats with Francesca Schuler, the chief marketing officer of BevMo, to discuss her company’s growth. 

From Serious Eats, “25 essential cocktails everyone should know.”

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