Daily Wine News: Lazy Winemaking

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From Ridge Vineyards.

“Being a lazy winemaker is all about being patient, letting the place talk, and being gentle with the grapes. Making it simple.” Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka hangs out with one of my favorite winemakers, Stéphane Vivier.

“Ridge Vineyards, one of California’s premier wineries, recently announced that beginning with the 2011 vintage, its labels will list ingredients and “actions” taken in producing the wines.” Dave McIntyre has the details. 

“Going to Pearl & Ash without opening a bottle or two is like buying a chocolate bar and not unwrapping it.” Pete Wells reviews New York City’s hottest wine destination, Pearl & Ash. 

“Did you know that all 50 states in America have wineries? If you answered, as most people do, “So what?,” this book will convince you that you’re absolutely correct in that assessment.” Ron Washam (aka the HoseMaster) guest posts on Tim Atkin’s site about the best new wine books. 

“A brand is more than a winery name and logo. It is a promise to customers about the quality and type of product being offered to them.” Kyle Schlachter writes about the importance of specialization in winemaking.  

The Wall Street Journal Asia chats with Warwick Ross, the director of “Red Obsession,” the new documentary about China’s impact on the Bordeaux market. 

Todd Godbout goes on “a journey through Santorini as he unravels the history and the future of wine production of this paradise island.” 

“In Portland, as with any city, some restaurants are worth seeking out and some aren’t, but one thing that struck me about the new restaurants aimed at hipsters was the lack of Oregon wines offered.” Tim Fish goes looking for local wine at restaurants that pride themselves on serving local food. 

A “wine club” is opening in the Hamptons. The annual fee? $50,000. 

The Associated Press reports on the increasing number of supermarkets “[getting] in touch with their inner sommeliers.” Alder Yarrow helps explain! 

In Wine Enthusiast, Virginie Boone profiles five “must-try urban wineries.”  

Aaron Nix-Gomez attends the he 14th Annual Heart’s Delight Press and Sommelier Luncheon and tastes all sorts of 2010 Bordeaux. 

Doug Wilder of the Purely Domestic Wine Report tastes a 15-year vertical of Dyer Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Elsewhere, Randy Smith of The Wine Write sits down with Wilder. 

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