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Jon Bonne is Joe Roberts is Robert Parker is Jim Laube.” Tom Wark wonders, “seven years into the Wine Blog Awards, if there is any value or good reason in honoring ‘wine bloggers’ with these awards.”

“When they were three minutes out of my tummy they had some JCB rosé‎. Jean-Charles insisted. I didn’t get an epidural, so I almost said, ‘Give me that bottle!'” On Wine-Searcher, Tyler Colman chats with Gina Gallo. 

“Some of the most exciting wines being made in Oregon today are Chardonnays. These are not your grandma’s butter bombs; they’re taut, lean wines with terrific mouthfeel.” On Palate Press, W. Blake Gray goes searching for Oregon Chardonnay. It’s rarer than you’d expect. 

“Memorial Day is not the time to overanalyze your wine. Save that for a first-growth tasting or the next natural wine seminar. Summer is finally here, so just relax and enjoy.” On WineSpectator.com, Tim Fish offers some thoughts on Memorial Day wines. 

In Wine-Searcher, Claire Adamson profiles “an enterprising French copmany [that] has set out to supply [the] ever-growing demand for wine crates.” 

“People here drink like crazy. A picnic with no wine is not a picnic.” In the New York Times, Rima Suqi talks wine storage with Mirko Benzo, head sommelier for the Hélène Darroze restaurant at the Connaught in London. 

Jamie Goode offers some quick thoughts on Hedonism Wines, a new wine shop in London. 

“With more than 80 events throughout the three-day culinary extravaganza, the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen can be hard to navigate; luckily, our editors curated a guide to help you eat and drink your way through the blissful weekend.” Forbes offers a fantastic guide to the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen. 

From Wine Enthusiast, a handy map on state wine excise tax rates. 

Adam Carolla has expanded his “Mangria” line of wine beverages.  

From Alice Feiring, an important travel tip.

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