Daily Wine News: Back Again

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In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague contends that “California Chardonnay is back — yet again.” 

On WineSpectator.com, James Molesworth’s “2012 Bordeaux Barrels Diary” is worth following. 

In Wine-Searcher, Hugh Johnson offers some “leads to more exploratory drinking.” And on May 16, Johnson will be auctioning off most of his cellar. 

Elsewhere in Wine-Searcher, Caroline Henry reports that “Bollinger’s chef de cave, Matthieu Kauffmann, has taken the unprecedented step of resigning from the post.” 

Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka leads Carla Rzeszewski — wine director of The Breslin, The Spotted Pig, and the John Dory Oyster Bar in New York City — on a wine country tour.

Meanwhile, Eater has updated its Heatmap for California wine country. 

“Collectors can learn some cheap lessons from the negative–and positive–experiences this billionaire described in his court testimony this week.” In Forbes, Deborah Jacobs offers some lessons worth learning from “Bill Koch’s Bad Trip With Counterfeit Wine.” 

Aaron Epstein points his readers towards some of the wine blogs he enjoys reading. Some are new to me and will definitely be on my reading list! 

On Tim Atkin’s site, Ron Washam fills in to write about this year’s “Frugies.” 

In Israel, “Archaeologists have uncovered a 1,500-year-old wine-pressing complex.” 

In Italy, wine drinking has reached record lows! 

Some Japanese vintners are hopeful that they’ll soon be able to compete on the international market.

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  1. David, thanks so much for the new reading material, and for the link to Uva Buena! Lots of reading to catch up on this week. 🙂 Cheers!