Daily Wine News: Springsteen & Snooki

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Can NJ make great wine?

“My only constant is a glass of Champagne every night to remind me to celebrate a pretty remarkable existence.” On Serious Eats, Maggie Hoffman asks “17 winemakers what they like to drink when they’re not drinking their own wines.”

“The Outer Coastal Plain might be the perfect place to make fine wine in America. The region, which has nearly the same sandy soil composition as Bordeaux, experiences a warm growing season; spring frosts are rare; and the breezes from the Atlantic Ocean and a local bay are ideal for winemaking. The O.C.P. has only one real challenge: it’s in southern New Jersey, a state associated with many things — Springsteen, Snooki, industrial pollution, the mob — but not great wine.” In the New York Times, Adam Davidson wonders if New Jersey could make itself the next Napa.

In Tennessee, special-interest politics appears to have beat consumers’ interests — a vote yesterday in the state House of Representatives appeared to kill wine-in-supermarkets legislation for the year.

Lenn Thompson makes seven “predictions for the next 10-20 years of Long Island wine.”

Isaac James Baker and Aaron Nix-Gomez offer their thoughts on a recent “Virginia vs. The World” blind tasting I helped organize.

In the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
, Barry Shlachter contends that the future of Texas wine is with Tempranillo. 

Lindsey Zahn wonders why the TTB has “yet to require at least a basic nutrition label and ingredients statement on all products under its jurisdiction.” 

At this year’s Rhone Rangers’ annual winemaker dinner, Randall Graham will receive an inaugural “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the organization. Meanwhile, in the latest Wine Spectator, James Laube writes a growing profile of Randall Graham.

From Bloomberg: “Henry Tang, whose bid to become Hong Kong’s chief executive suffered after the Feb. 2012 discovery of an illegal wine cellar at his house, is auctioning off part of his collection.”

WineSpectator.com reports: “Terroir Selections, an investment group founded by former Screaming Eagle co-owner Charles Banks, is purchasing a stake in Sonoma County’s Wind Gap winery.”

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