Daily Wine News: Lodi Alvarelhão

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Flickr, Damian Liszatynski

“It’s the year 2053, and the quintessential California wine isn’t Napa Cabernet. It’s skin-fermented Roussanne from the Sierra Foothills. Or Alvarelhão from Lodi. Or maybe it’s Refosco that won out in the Napa Valley. Far-fetched? Maybe. Impossible? Certainly not.” In SF Weekly, Stevie Stacionis profiles some California winemakers who are “re-approaching this industry and land with an experimental spirit.”

Meanwhile, in the Sacramento Bee, Mike Dunne profiles La Clarine Farm. 

“Only instead of a seven-kilometer scull down the River Thames, this battle is fought over a wine glass — 12 to be precise — and it isn’t physical fitness and mental stamina that count but olfactory recognition and flavor recall.” Will Lyons writes about the Oxford & Cambridge University Blind Wine-Tasting Competition. 

In Wine Enthusiast, Monica Larner contends that “Italy’s wines have never been better.” 

Evan Dawson asks some people in Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles what they think about New York wines. 

The Associated Press reports: “The first bottles of wine from the French estate of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were sold online Thursday… [T]he first 6,000 bottles were bought within five hours.”

From Hedges Family Estate, some “rules for attending a wine festival.” 

“In urban hubs across the [country], city dwelling winemakers are proving that you do not have to live near a vineyard to produce quality wine.” In Palate Press, Jennifer Cossey highlights the increase in urban wineries.

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