Daily Wine News: Winemakers to Watch

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Jon Bonné releases his annual list of Winemakers to Watch. On this year’s list? Anthony Yount of KineroChris Pittenger of Skinner/Gros VentreTadeo Borchardt of NeyersMatthew Rorick of Forlorn Hope; and Katy Wilson of LaRue.

“Champagne is a lousy place to grow grapes. It is cold, it is gray, it is at (or past) the climatic boundaries for viticulture… When you take all the sugar out of a bottle of Champagne, you are taking most of the flavor with it.” According to Kyle Meyer, the “attempt to appeal to the sommeliers and uber-terroirists” has resulted in “a bunch of zero-appeal Champagnes.”

“The intellectual journey is the pleasure; turns out, there is no destination.” Evan Dawson pens a wonderful essay.

Elin McCoy attends the annual Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux tasting– and leaves impressed with 2010.

Jancis Robinson, meanwhile, attends a tasting of 2009 Bordeaux — and finds that many of the wines are “beautifully balanced.”

“Is big bad? Corporate ownership has not ruined Ravenswood’s single-vineyard zins, which are distinctive and show the various expressions of old-vine zinfandel throughout California. And the Robert Mondavi wines from Napa are still excellent.” In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre explores the impact of corporate ownership — with the help of Joel Peterson.

“I found most of these wines to be lackluster.” Alder Yarrow wonders if Merlot is “worth the effort” in Hawkes Bay.

“Lunch is not a story. No matter who has cooked it.” Andrew Jefford offers some advice to the PR industry.

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  1. Nice to see Matthew Rorick and Forlorn Hope getting some more ink. I have been introducing people to his wines for at least 5 years. What took Jon so long?