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“0% French grown. Sorry we’re not sorry. GO AMERICA.” Patricia M. Roth is impressed with Naked Rebel Winery.

“The best part of the modern wine writing world is the ability to engage with each other. Heimoff has decided that silencing his critics, and going backwards at the same time, is more important than continuing down the path towards progress in democratizing wine.” Kyle Schlachter isn’t happy with Steve Heimoff. 

“Personally, I think the moderation of the CA fruit and Loire funk make Colorado cabernet franc some of the tastiest and most balanced examples of this variety anywhere in the world.” In a separate post, Schlachter explains why he’s so excited about Franc, Colorado’s Cabernet. 

“For these producers, balance is not static but kinetic, like one of Pollock’s paintings or Calder’s mobiles — wildly turbulent, even as they stand perfectly still.” Patrick Comiskey praises the producers who took part in this year’s In Pursuit of Balance tastings. 

Speaking of balance, Jamie Goode recently dined with Rajat Parr of Sandhi and Jamie Kutch of his eponymous label. 

When Katie Kelly Bell wrote a piece on Forbes.com on Oregon’s female winemakers, she forgot to mention a few dozen of them. 

This spring, look for a rosé called Miraval. The producers? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Eater provides some snark. 

“Would it surprise you if I tell you that this dish is fantastic with Fino Sherry?” Brooklynguy discovers the beauty of pairing Fino Sherry with Japanese cuisine. (H/T: Eric Asimov.) 

In Palate Press, L.M. Archer writes a brief history of Paso Robles Wine Country.  

In the Napa Valley Register, a fascinating story about “Abacus,” a solara-style Cabernet Sauvignon from ZD, and the Tour of California. 

In beer news, Brooklyn Brewery is headed to France.

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